White Vs Black

Choosing a Side: White Hat versus Blackhat Link Building

Around the world, thousands of business owners each day begin their foray into the online marketplace in hopes of creating new business and finding more customers with a need for their goods or services. However, it can be difficult to differentiate from the millions of other websites online in order to find a solid base of customers that sees you are set apart from the rest. It is absolutely essential to gain a strong online presence using search engine optimization as most people make their decisions using Google and the like. It is crucial to choose a great SEO strategy that will benefit you for years to come. However, the debate of white hat versus blackhat link building is a big hurdle in the process.

There has, for years, been many sides to the white hat versus blackhat link building debate. The people on each side both believe that they are right and think that the other side should adopt their goals. However, each side has a distinct idea that separates them and makes negotiating impossible. Understanding the basics of the two sides is the first step to making a decision that will help your business or store to grow and develop online.

First, it is important to understand the normal white hat process when comparing white hat versus blackhat link building. The first and most important part of white hat is the basic premise of search engine optimization. White hat link building will create links that point directly towards your website in order to provide linking power. Search engine algorithms will pick up these incoming links and note in when ranking your website for the keywords you desire. This will therefore make you appear higher in search engine rankings pages and therefore increase customers.

Now, the blackhat side of white hat versus blackhat link building likes to take advantage of the knowledge already understood by the general internet marketing population. The first thing that they understand is that the more links that are created the higher a website will rank online. They also understand that the types of links matter and they strive to create a variety of methods to attain them. Essentially, blackhat marketers will use programs in order to rapidly build links throughout the internet that all point to a website. This can quickly bring it up to the top of a search engine rankings page and will surely create a profit.

It is impossible to settle the white hat versus blackhat link building debate. However, there is a clear answer for businesses. Those brick and mortar businesses located in an area need to maintain a strong online presence for a long period of time. While blackhat links will work quickly, they endanger the company website and make it possible to completely slip off of the results pages. White hat links will continue to work for years and maintain their momentum. For a business, in the debate of white hat versus blackhat link building, it is clear that white hat wins out.